Unless your organisation is staffed by robots then it is going to be a living, breathing entity with it’s ups and downs that reflect the mood of the people you employ.

Most organizations are simply too large in terms of the number of employees to treat them all individually and doing so would miss the subtle interactions between them. So you need to work collectively looking at employees in totality or in meaningful groups to test the pulse of the business.

And it’s also not just your staff that impact on your organisation. Maybe it’s your customers or your suppliers or perhaps you are a hospital and you have patients and their families. All these groups interact and affect the health and well-being of the organisation (and all can give you indicators on the health of your organisation).

Most organisations deal with this issue by running surveys of some sort. An staff survey or maybe an emailed link to a questionnaire for customers. These give you answers to very specific questions but take a long time to set up and analyse the results, and tend to be at fairly long intervals. But what if you want to know the mood in your organisation right now?

PulseInConfidence, new from WorkInConfidence, allows organisations to run multiple questions that are answered on a simple five point scale, with a choice of response buttons, the following shows how it looks using smiley buttons:

Responses are quick and easy with the respondent simply pressing the button that reflects their current mood. An organisation can then see the current “pulse” associated with that question and how it has changed over time allowing you to see how changes within the business have had an effect on the pulse.

It’s a simple and effective way to get a good sense of the health of your organisation and take action long before it becomes too late.

WorkinConfidence offer a range of services to help organisations get the most out of their employees, including Pulse Surveys and Engagement Surveys. Our online anonymous dialogue platform, SpeakinConfidence is where staff can raise ideas or concerns and give candid feedback to management without barriers. You get the immediate benefits of listening and understanding your organisation and staff - leading to engagement and better governance. Contact us today to find out more or arrange a demonstration.