Have you ever stopped to consider (or even ask) what those that work for you would want you to change about yourself?

Fortunately if you haven’t a recent survey from TinyHR[1] has asked 1000 employees this very question and the results are interesting. The top answer was that respondents said that they would like their manager to “become a better, more open, communicator”. If you are in that bracket then you should consider yourself lucky as the second most popular response was to “have the boss quit or retire”!

Communication can be hard, particularly these days when teams can be geographically spread and working different times, but it is clearly important to individuals. We have looked previously at the different ways you might use to communicate with your staff.

To re-enforce this point a second survey by Clear Company[2] found that 86% of employees and executives site lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures. Furthermore a staggering 90% of employees who responded believe that decision-makers should seek other opinions before making a final decision, yet 40% of employees believe that decision makers “consistently failed” to seek another opinion.

It is clear, therefore, that not only is communication important but that employees also value good communication. What do your employees think about your communication?

1. http://www.tinyhr.com/landing-page/2015-new-year-employee-report
2. http://blog.clearcompany.com/7-workplace-collaboration-statistics-that-will-have-you-knocking-down-cubicles

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