According to a BBC survey of more than 6,000 men and women, a shocking two in five women in the UK say they have experienced unwanted sexual behaviour at work and only a quarter of them reported it.

WorkInConfidence’s founder and chief executive was invited onto BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire Show to discuss how firms can empower employees to speak out and report harassment. He said: “Many people won’t raise cases of harassment or bullying because they fear the impact upon their job, they are scared of how their colleagues will perceive them and they think they won’t be taken seriously.”

The BBC poll, one of the largest ever conducted into sexual harassment in the workplace, suggested those who work flexibly are more likely to encounter this type of behaviour.

To enable every employee to have a voice and speak in confidence, WorkInConfidence has a free platform to send an anonymous message to your boss.

Sexual harassment is now on the table

Tim continued: “It is horrible that high profile sexual harassment allegations such as in the Harvey Weinstein case and members of Parliament being accused have had to happen to get this on the table, but at least it [sexual harassment] is now on the table. We have to hope that moves continue to make change happen.”


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