Some surveys put the numbers of people considering looking for a new job as high as 85% and those actively looking for a new job at around 20%. That’s scary if you are an employer and costly for organisations.  We take a look at 7 ways you can avoid top talent from leaving you and how to minimise the risk of your staff being in that number.

1. Make your strategy crystal clear

In many organisations, as few as 14% of staff understand their organisation’s strategy. Work can be tough at times, particularly in the current climate. Your team are far more likely to help you reach an objective if they know what that objective is. Not keeping your staff informed of where the business is headed is a recipe for both organisational failure and individual discontent. Consider the following :

  • Do you have a clear, concise strategy?
  • Is it articulated in a way that is easy for all members of your staff to understand?
  • Has it been communicated to your staff, and do they know where to access it (and where to find updates)?

**Top Tip**  Even the doubters are more likely to be committed if they know where you are headed.

2. Ensure that each person’s objectives are clear

Make sure your management has followed this down to the next level.  That it is not only clear how each individual part of the business fits into the overall strategy, but also what each person’s objectives are.  Be clear on your expectations for employees and they will feel proud at meeting them. Be sure to measure and provide extra guidance for staff who struggle to understand or meet objectives, helping them be more likely to hit them next time.

3. Maximise individual opportunities for =growth

Most staff members will need to feel there is the opportunity for them to take on more responsibility to achieve their long-term goals in your organisation. There are a number of ways you can help here:

  • Be clear about opportunities and any training needed to reach them.
  • Have a clear and fair process surrounding internal promotion.
  • Give staff responsibility and autonomy wherever practicable.

By giving staff clear growth opportunities as well as responsibility and autonomy where practicable your organisation will get more done and you will find yourself with more engaged – and therefore dedicated and more engaged, happy staff.

4. Build a culture where success is celebrated

This applies at both the organisational and the Individual level. Learn as an organisation to say “well done”, “congratulations” and “thank you. You’ll be surprised what a big difference such a small gesture can make to employee happiness. When was the last time you heard of someone leaving say “I was just thanked too often” or “I got sick of being appreciated”.

5. Have strong ethics and values

Company ethics and values need to be strong, positive and clear to everyone right through the organisation – top to bottom. Get this right and you are well on the way to your staff being proud of their organisation and avoid top talent leaving. Failure to do so, will be obvious and damaging, both internally and externally.

6. Be consistent

With any of the above points your organisation needs to remain consistent. Be it in keeping your company values the same, making sure every employee is treated with the same respect and patience or keeping your strategy clear and achievable. Consistency in all these things will let the employees know where they stand, and will make it easier for them to get behind your organisation, and help achieve its maximum potential. Consistency is key to maintaining employee loyalty and a great strength to avoid top talent leaving.

7. Give staff a voice

This needs to be genuine and systematic. Not only will staff be more motivated if they have a voice, they will be able to let you know if you are off track on any of the above, such as articulating strategy, ensuring consistency or being on the mark with values and ethics. To really maximise the value this must be regular, acted upon, communicated and widely available. Make sure every employee knows they can speak up when they feel the need to, that they will be listened to, and that they will not be victimised and it will benefit both your employees and your company as a whole.

Employees are the most important part of your business and losing your top talent can be a massive set back in achieving your organisation’s goals. By following these 7 steps to avoid top talent leaving, you will keep your employees engaged, and your company moving forward.

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