A highly engaged workforce is the true nirvana for any organisation. All companies strive to be in a place where employees are happy working there and want to deliver for that organisation.

This can even be achieved in situations where the underlying business is frail such as was the case at City Link. How can this be so?

For those that missed the news because you were busy enjoying your turkey (and who can blame you), City Link were a parcel delivery firm that went into administration on Christmas Eve with the news being leaked to the press on Christmas Day meaning that was the first that most employees heard of it.

It is undeniably true that City Link was a business that was in difficulties ever since it was sold for £1 to venture capitalists in 2013. However, this didn’t mean that the employees weren’t engaged and working for a solution to find their way out of their problems in fact quite the opposite was true. City Link had a plan with clear goals set out for the business and better still this plan was understood by the employees. Moreover it also seemed like a good place to work with a friendly environment.

What this shows us is that no matter what the underlying performance of the business it is still possible to have your workforce acting as a force for good and helping the business move towards their goals – just so long as those are clearly communicated and are achievable. It isn’t a panacea for all business issues but a little goodwill can go a long way.

If you are wondering how I know that to be true of City Link, well, this is because I had a family member who worked for them who was happy engaged and fully committed to the plan.

And if you want to read more on how you can have an organisation where the employees are engaged and internal communications are good read our article on the Totally Aligned Organisation.

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